Sustainable Technologies Preserving Our Resources

What are sustainable technologies? These are types of technological innovations that aim to reduce the environmental impact of human activities. In contrast, sustainable development is a social and economic approach to enable long-term maintenance or improvement in quality of life without using up all-natural resources by ensuring sustainable distribution for this generation and those to … Read more

Pending EU ban: Will coffee cup lids and straws be replaced?

The European Parliament on Thursday voted in favour of an immediate ban on several single-use plastic products. The directive includes a ban on some plastic objects for which alternatives are readily available and affordable, such as straws, cutlery or cotton buds. In addition, the use of oxo-degradable plastics (‘walking bags’) will be prohibited. The directive … Read more

EU Circular Economy: An Action Plan to Reduce Waste

The European Commission presented the new Circular Economy Action plan on the 2nd of December 2015. The one-page document is meant to guide the sustainable transition towards a circular economy in Europe, improve EU competitiveness and stimulate green growth. To achieve this goal, a series of actions have been proposed by the European Commission. Not … Read more