About us

Welcome to ict-ensure.eu! We provide educational information on sustainability and sustainable travel. The website started as a project to educate more people on sustainable issues around the globe. Furthermore, I have a passion for travel. So, I united those two interests of mine and created this platform where we can share ideas and communicate with the world.

With the content we share we would like to support three categories of sustainable travellers:

The first category is travelling sustainably but in comfort. This requires planning, but nothing too complicated. The key here is to try and minimize your environmental impact while still enjoying the trip. When it comes to transportation, you want to use public transportation as much as possible. This saves money and reduces emissions (and you might even meet some fellow travellers!). When it comes to accommodation, try to look for alternatives like hostels or youth hotels; they will allow you to meet new people and save money at the same time. The only thing you would need is an internet connection for researching your options and booking your trip.

   The second category requires a bit more planning and might even require you to be a bit creative. It involves travelling sustainably but in luxury. This may sound contradictory, but it is not! You have probably heard of ecotourism before – it is basically travelling with the sole purpose of enjoying nature and respecting its limits. It is not all about luxury; you will be using sustainable transportation (unless it gets too complicated, like when travelling across oceans) and staying in places that respect the environment around them. Another thing to keep in mind is your behaviour while travelling; ecotourism involves environmentally friendly actions like picking up your trash or avoiding activities that can damage the environment.

    The third category is the most difficult one, but also the most rewarding. It involves travelling sustainably and in poverty. This does not mean that you should put yourself in uncomfortable situations; it rather requires that you stay in cheap places (so your trip is not too expensive) while still searching for ways to help locals with their work. It is not easy for everyone, but it can be rewarding in its own way. You can help with various projects that are designed to help locals increase their income, find better jobs or simply improve their living conditions. It requires research and planning, but you will also get the chance to meet truly amazing people who are working every day to make the world a better place.

We do that because we think Earth is not as big as we think.

First of all, it’s important to understand that the Earth is actually very small compared to how we imagine it. Forget about your imaginings, the ones where you visualize the Earth as this massive landmass with no borderlines or limits. While some popular travel sites like to spread this image, it’s simply not true.

The Earth is mostly water with very few landmasses that are small in comparison. Antarctica alone is pretty much the only continent that could be called reasonably large compared to others, and even it’s nothing compared to your average star or planet. By no means does this mean you can’t travel across it, but that you have to rely on a boat to get from one place to another.

On top of that, there are plenty of things that divide even the biggest pieces of land. Either they’re rivers, mountain ranges or other natural rock formations, but either way, they’re enough for a borderline. Yes, these borders might be open to anyone, but that doesn’t mean you can get to every country of the world by car. Even if we did include Antarctica and all its cities and outposts, there would still be plenty of countries left off the list.

For instance, did you know that in order to get from Alaska to Russia (both on North America), you would have to cross the Bering Strait? And while Russia and several other countries in Asia are big enough that it’s hard not to get close to them when you’re in North America, it’s still not possible to simply drive from Alaska to Russia (or vice versa).

Other places where this is true:

• Russia and China (if you’re in North America)

• Russia and India (if you’re in Asia)

• Canada and Mexico (if you’re in the US or South America)

The rest of the Earth is too small to be a problem. For example, you could drive from one side of Europe to another if you felt like it, but there’s no point in doing so.

Other than that, one may get sick in countries with high levels of air pollution like India and China if precautions are not taken. So we do hope to help preserve the planet by travelling sustainably and taking care of the health of travellers around the world.

Here is me, Brendan, a 26-year IT old professional who loves programming and navigating the online space, but also explores the world physically by travelling to remote destinations. This website is also supported by volunteers who donate their time to create engaging content with regard to their passions.